Vainode – first mentioned in sources in the 13th century. Vainode began to develop together with the construction of the railway line to Liepaja in 1871. In the end of the 19th century on the land of Vainode manor a village was formed next to Vainode’s railway station where mainly brickmakers and sawmill workers lived. At the same time a village of summer cottages was established on the land of Lielbata manor. In 1925 the two villages were joined creating a Vainode – Bata village. In the 30ies Vainode was known as a resort place with clean air. In the world Vainode is known for three things: it was a German airship base in 1916, a Russian air base and missile base for more than 50 years, and the longest protest in the history of Latvia took place here – 54 days long picket against the closure of the railway line.

One of the largest Soviet military airfields in the Baltic countries. During the period of Latvian independence it was one of the Latvian aviation cradles – the first dirigibles in Latvia and one of the first gliders took off in Vainode’s aerodrome Dirigible hangars were dismantled and moved to Riga, where they were used for building Riga Central Market. After regaining Latvian independence Vainode’s airfield was partially demolished, and concrete slabs, which covered runways and airport territory, were used to organize and develop the port of Liepaja. Around 16 hangars and 1800 meters from a former 2500 m long runway have remained in the aerodrome.

Embute is one of the oldest inhabited places in Kurzeme. It developed more than 10 000 years ago when the glacier withdrew. Embūte’s Valley is one of the most mysterious places in Kurzeme. For centuries it was a sacred place. Embute as one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Kurzeme has long attracted the interest of writers. There are many legends and stories about Embute. One of the best known is a romantic tale about the love of Indulis and Arija. Now there is an eco-tourism trail with stairs, bridges, viewing areas and an observation tower as well as recreation and camping sites.

This is one of the most impressive preserved cultural heritage objects in the surroundings of Embute. The swords symbolize the entrance gate to Embute’s valley. They create a mythical atmosphere. Indulis and his friend Pudiķis left the swords and shields – one on each side of the road which leads to the Embute’s valley and Joda dam.

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